Clayra Beau

Clayra Beau

Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Weekend

So it was a busy weekend for me. On Friday night I did my first Cam Show on Streamate. it has been a while since I did a cam show and the way that this site runs things is very different from the last site I did Cam shows on. I started my show around 10:20 and went for about an half an hour. It was a lot of fun because instead of sitting in public chat with all of my clothes on the whole time I was almost instantly in a private room naked and putting large toys in my pussy. I had several people in the room with me chatting and watching. I used 5 different toys and came a couple of times before signing out. I definitely plan to do more shows, maybe even one with my Sybian, and you can watch me through or through the members section at I will definitely let everyone know via Twitter the next time I will be on.

Then, Saturday was the night of my much anticipated gangbang at Midwest Fantasy Adventures. I was there two months ago and had a blast and I have been waiting eagerly for this event. I went in planning to just have a great time and be covered in cum by the end. I showed up just in time to eat some food and have great conversation with some of the other attendees about horror movies. I love when I get to fuck fellow nerds!

Here's the blow by blow!  The host went through every girls' hard limits (because not everyone is looking to be a fisted, cum-soaked slut by the end of the night), then we got naked and hit the mats. I started out in just a bra and I was on my knees with my ass up in the air. Very quickly, I had two cocks in my face so I started sucking and stroking while my hubby got behind me and showed the room how to fist my cunt. He made me squirt and then flipped me over so everyone could get a better view. In short order I was moaning around a cock with a fist in my cunt making me cum super hard. After my hubby pulled out, he instructed the other guys in line how to fist me and make me squirt and he let me suck his cock. Before the second guy was done fisting me, I had cum all over my tits! It was really fucking hot. A new guy slid in for me to suck and stroke and more guys slammed my g-spot with their fists. I had probably three or four loads on my chest at that point and there was a lull in the fisting as the first guy threw on a condom. He bent my legs back and fucked me nice and hard. I tried to take a moment to catch my breath from cumming so much, but my husband reminded me that I wanted to be a good slut so I swallowed another new cock. Right as he came on me, I heard alot of moaning and noticed one of the other girls had her head next to mine, so I stroked her hair and tits. God damn, I love being surrounded by naked people.

After about 2 hours of fisting, fucking, and sucking I needed to take a little break so I got up and showered. My bra was completely soaked with sperm, so I left it off. I refueled on caffeine and some potatoes (yay carbs!) and had awesome conversation about Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. Birds of a feather I suppose. I even talked to a Liverpool fan from Russia about football. You never know who you'll meet.

Pretty soon I was back on the mats on my back being eaten out by one of the guys. It was okay, but I was ready for more fisting and some fucking. The Russian rubbed my clit while a new line of guys began fisting me. Some of the ones with really long fingers couldn't get all the way in, but I came anyway. The Russian surprised me with a finger in the ass, and while I wasn't ready for it, I kinda liked it. Maybe next time I'll do anal and DPs? My hubby had his hard cock in my mouth again, and he and another guy held my legs while cock after cock fucked me silly. I would hear a condom snap off right before my tummy got showered in a spray of warm, sticky cum, and then there would be another cock in my pussy before I knew it. Usually, that would make the other guy I was blowing cum on my face and tits, and then the navy boy started fucking me. He's got a nice cock, and he's in good shape, so he fucks well too. I was cumming all over, my pussy soaking the sheet beneath me, and the other guy I was sucking rubbed all the cum puddles all over my chin, neck, tits and tummy so I was just glistening with man juice. I heard the navy boy's condom snap and then I had even more cum from my tits to my pussy. That got rubbed in as well, while my husband talked Ms. Muse through fisting me. I love girls, and hubby showed her how to position her hand and move it just right to make me cum. I could hear her surprise when she got the whole thing in. She began rocking her fist up and down, and I rode that fist right into my g-spot. She made me cum so hard I though I would break her wrist from my pussy clamping down so hard. She had to grab my cum-soaked tit to keep her balance, and I don't think she knew just how covered in cum I was until that moment. Hubby shot a load that soaked my neck and my tits just then as well. It looked so pretty I just didn't want to move it. Talk about a fantasy come true!

When Ms. Muse was all done it was time for some more fucking. There was a line of guys just waiting to fuck my cunt. I also had a whole new crowd of guys around me stroking their cocks, waiting to be sucked off by me as I was fucked. Then the cum started. Then I got soaked some more! More and more men came up and were just cumming on my tummy and tits. I would suck a guy's cock as best I could until he'd explode and then two more guys would cum on me at the same time. The men fucking me would pull out, pull off their condoms to cum all over my tummy, and then all of them would be replaced before I could even think. It was just cum shot after cum shot. I couldn't tell you how many men came on me, but I was so turned on I started cumming when ever I'd see a new load. I was squirting everywhere and I could feel it running down my thighs and my ass. I made quite a puddle by the time I was done. When everyone had covered me in sticky mess I got up and took another shower. I was amazed by how much cum I had on me.  I almost came again just looking in the mirror!

I got dressed and chatted with people for a while before hitting the road. I passed out quickly when we got home. I guess a good fisting and cum slut gets tired at some point.

So that was my weekend. How was yours? :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Midwest Fantasy Adventures Blow By Blow

So, on Friday my hubby and I went on a little adventure to a gangbang in Chicago with Midwest Fantasy Adventures. I have had gangbangs before but it is difficult to find a gangbang near me that is really worth going to. Many of the gangbangs we find are small hotel parties. This was a totally different ball game.

Friday we showed up a little early to get comfortable before too many people got there. From the minute I entered the door I felt welcome. The host, Howie and his wife Becky knew me by name and gave me a big hug. They introduced us to everyone that was there. Then we were shown to our room. It was a wonderful room with plenty of space, a super comfy bed and an attached bathroom just for us to use. So I dropped off my bags and did my make up and went downstairs to socialize.  Everyone was very welcoming. As we got closer to the start time more and more people came in and soon the place was packed. There were about 30 guys and 5 women plus the hosts. At 7:00 the hosts called for dinner and everyone dug into the delicious baked chicken, greek potatoes, corn on the cob and garlic bread provided by the host. The meal was great and I must say it was fantastic to have a meal served before I was going to expend all that energy getting fucked silly.

At 8:30 Howie called everyone to the social area to go over the rules. Pretty simple stuff about respect and cleanliness that should be common sense but I like that he mentioned them so that nothing was unclear. There were condoms nicely placed around the entire room for guy to quickly get a hold of when they needed them. Each girl got her own water bottle and bottle of lube so that we didn't have to spend forever looking for lube. Then we went through what each girl's sexual limits and fantasies were so that everyone knew what they could and couldn't do. Everything had clearly been thought through and super organized which made the event more comfortable and awesome.

Then the fucking began! I went over to a mattress with my hubby and he showed the crowd how to properly fist a cunt and make it squirt. I love being fisted so this was definitely the way to start the night. I already had a wet spot five minutes in. I was quickly surrounded by cock and never really had a moment when I didn't have one in my mouth and one in my pussy and sometimes another in my other hand. There was literally a line of guys waiting to have a go at me. It was great to have that much attention.

Of course I took several breaks throughout the night and got to chat with people. Everyone was very nice and respectful. One of the other women there was named Caryn and she was a ton of fun. At one point she even let me fit my fist in her cunt. I got right down to the knuckles and made her cum so hard she was twitching all over the place. I then had several men line up to fist me and told each one how to fist me and make me cum. It was really awesome to show so many people what it felt like to have a whole hand inside of someone else. Caryn even tried to fit both of her hands in me and almost double fisted me. The host Howie had always had a fantasy of fisting a woman and I made sure to accommodate. He is not a small man and certainly doesn't have small hands but I was able to make his fantasy come true. After several men fisting me I got on my hands and knees and had a semi circle of men around me that would fuck my cunt until they popped or would move around to the front of me and cum on my tits. I have never had so much cum on me. It was literally dripping down my chest onto my belly. So sexy, I loved it.

After everyone had cum, the evening came to a close. I went up to my room and took a wonderful shower and got all the sticky off. My hubby and I decided we weren't as tired as we thought we would be (thank you energy drinks) and decided to head for home instead of spend the night. Howie offers a full breakfast for the guests that stay over and I am sure it would have been delicious.

The party was great. The people were awesome and yes I had a ton of fun. If you are ever in the Chicago area and looking to have a wonderful, crazy, kinky time you have to go check out Midwest Fantasy Adventures. They are the best around for sure.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Ball Kicking Good Time.

What a way to start a month! On Monday I did my first ball busting shoot with Suburban Sensations and had a fantastic time. I have to give it to Marty, he can take a ball beating like no one else. I kicked, punched, slapped, stomped and bit his balls for 3 1/2 hours! I think he liked it though. :) I'm not sure when the content will be up but it is going to be good.

I am also getting ready to take a trip down to Atlanta to work with Sybian creating a video for them so people know how to use the machine a d to show that it is possible to have multiple orgasms continually for quite some time. It is going to be a great time and a nice mini vacation. Who doesn't like going on a trip and being total to have as many orgasms as possible? Not this girl! I think not will be a great time.

My site is up and running at . Naughty Alysha's husband Adam is helping keep the site fresh and keeps putting new sets of material up for me. If you haven't seen it yet you should. I am so happy with it and excited for everyone to see it.

I have also started answering questions on my formspring account again. So if there are any questions you ever wanted to ask a porn start, a dork girl or just little old me send me a question and I'll give you an honest and occasionally funny response.

So that is what is going on in Pornland. Talk to you all very soon.

Love Clayra.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Time

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know what's going on in my world. My site is finally live so please head over and take a look.  I am trying to add new content every week. this week I know there are sets with me dressed as a pirate and one with me having fun with vegetables.

I also just got my first pieces of vinyl clothing. I absolutely love it and had to show you guys some pics. It makes me feel like I should have a pair of guns strapped to my hips and I should be out kicking some zombie ass.  Let me know what you think.

Summer has definitely arrived in the Midwest. It has very warm here and it's hard for me to keep my clothes on in this weather. I even headed to Northern Wisconsin this last weekend and spent sometime swimming in the lake just to cool off. I love summer time! Have a great summer everyone and I will talk to you all very soon.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Photos!

Figured I'd share a photo from my last photo shoot. I love the belt!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Pattys Day

So every year everyone of age gets really drunk on green beer and eats corned beef and cabbage all in the spirit of being Irish. Well I'm Irish and I rarely drink so hurray for everyone else I guess. For me St. Patty's day is best depicted in the graphic novel The Boys where Hughie, the main character who looks at the drunken masses lining the streets in horror. It's an awesome scene. Check it out if you haven't already. That said I have a serious weak spot for a different type of drink. If I come within 5 miles of a McDonald's in the month of March I become a whimpering school girl. I love Shamrock Shakes. I swear there is crack in there or something. Or maybe is just that I love sucking the cherry out of the top of the container. Either way that will be my St. Patty's drink of choice.

But enough about that. Where have I been? What have I been up to? Most notably I spent 5 days in Florida at the end of February with Alysha from and made a ton of films for her site and mine, which will launch soon. I had tons of gigantic toys in me and some interesting things like zucchini and a Nerf football. You'll have to check out when it goes live to see more.

Artistically, my amazing fiancé bought me an Intuos tablet for valentines day so I have been digitally redoing some of my paintings. It is so much easier to do with the tablet then the mouse pad. I am also reprinting lawn gnomes for the owners of Pamela Rose Productions. It's fun but slow going.

So that is what I've been up to. I will let you all know when my site goes live. You may return to your regularly schedule drinking and I will pour a little more Irish cream in my coffee in the morning just to be in the spirit.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's been a long time...

So now that they craziness of the holidays has subsided and my sanity is slowly returning I figured I would pop in and give you all a glimpse of what I've been up to. The last time I wrote I had just finished up a shoot for they are a phenomenal company to work for and I can't wait until the next time they call. that does however feel like ages ago. I have been up to so many things since then.

I have been modeling regularly for a photographer in Chicago and have new photos every time I go to share with every one. Some of my best are on my thread on It's a great place to chat. Lately we have been reminiscing about great Romantic Comedies. It's great. But I digress. I am also planning a trip to Florida for the end of February to shoot some footage with I am very excited to go somewhere that is above freezing when the weather lately has been about 20 degrees everyday.

I have also been selling all sorts of geeky art lately inspired by Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who so Why not wear a miniature adipose around my neck. I have gotten really caught up in British television altogether. Being Human, Spaced, Kingdom, Luther and Sherlock are among my Favorite. And Downton Abbey is just to die for. Why can't American shows be this great.

My latest project though has been repainting a friends collection of lawn gnomes. I know there are obviously people out there that think that lawn gnomes are the greatest thing since sliced bread but I swear there is nothing harder to paint then the underside of a gnomes beard.  I am also strongly fighting the temptation to turn one of the gnomes into a zombies gnome 'by accident'. I think my friend would freak out and as great as that would be I don't think I want to make her mad. She once mentioned something about a whip and a kennel...

So that is what I have been up to. It seems like so little when I can sum it up in 3 paragraphs but it has been a lot. So Kisses to you all and have a wonderful night