Later, folks

Later, folks

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thanks for all the fish...

Back in 2009, I had graduated college with my art degree and the economy was shit, so I wasn't finding work. My husband and I liked to play around with taking sexy photos, and on a whim we threw some up on a German website called My Dirty Hobby. It was fun! I'd get to suck his cock, he film it, and we'd post the results on MDH. Then I got a check and thought, "Shit, it's better than waiting tables!" 

So I joined some modeling sites, and went on my first shoot. I was super nervous, but I got paid to get naked and play with my pussy. The photographer wanted to know if I'd do more the second time, and I agreed as long as my husband was involved. I got paid again, AND got my first DP and first MMF three way. Before long, a friend of mine who was also modeling and I were signed up with an agent in LA and right after Thanksgiving, I flew out to LA and got my first test shots done... But I got no work. I met some fun people, but it was a bust. I went back in January though, and that time I met Billy Watson who shot for Dogfart's websites and Mr. POV (his own site). It was a great time! I was in a couple DVDs, some websites, and I switched agents because the first one was a loser (he's out of business). My new agent wasn't much better though, and after couple more agent switches, a good time with Lee Bang and Sophie Dee, and the weird murder of a guy I had just befriended and shot with by a psycho I'd also shot with, I was pretty much done with LA (I still love the city though). 

I also flew out to NYC a few times and met great people like Jupaman, Lavender Rayne, and Mike from Monster Models. There was also the hellish time I had in Jersey, but that's a story in another blog. Kink and Princess Donna, whom I adore even now, flew me out to San Francisco a couple of shoots that I had the BEST time shooting with James Deen and Mr. Pete, and I flew out to Orlando once to work with Naughty Alysha, who was already something of a hero of mine, and she launched my own site. 

For years, I booked my own shoots, fucked who I wanted, and made a modest income. I went to swinger parties and gang bangs with my husband, still do in fact (as many of you know), and did my art on the side. I taught painting classes, had a successful Etsy store that was even featured in Wired Magazine, and I sold paintings when I could. Somewhere in there, my daughter started school at age 3. She skipped a grade and was in a kind of lousy school, so I went in to volunteer to see what was going on. Working as a volunteer to a brand new teacher, I learned a lot, and I fell in love with a calling. That was the beginning of the end. I started grad school, and I just finished...

My rules in my marriage have always been about equality. If either of us fucks someone else, we bring the other pictures, stories, or we are actually there. Honest communication is why we work. Today I'm telling you I'm getting out of the porn biz. Twitter, Tumblr, and several other sites are gone. It's been fun, and I'm still going to be a raging slut, and pics and video will still get made, though mostly just for my, my husband's, and our girlfriend's consumption. I appreciate all the support and love through the years! It's been fun, but so long...

Clayra Beau

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  1. Hi Clayra, it's sad to see you go, you were great! That charming mix of nerdy sweetness and fierce sluttiness made you absolutely unique. If you open a new tumblr page as an amateur or whatever, please let us old aficionados know. We still want to witness your slutty feats :) Anyway, thanks for everything, have a great life!